A melodious bridge between past and future.


Royal Renditions Live

“A Melodious Bridge between the Past and the Future”

This live vocal performance seeks to musically inspire a new generation of people of praise, while refreshing the generation of our mothers and fathers.

During a time of struggle, servitude and disenfranchisement these timeless songs of faith, wisdom and power were born.

Many of these treasured songs were published in 1867 in the book Slave Songs of the USA.

In addition to spirituals, Hymn books that grace the pew of many churches worldwide include some of the most famous songs ever known.

Songs like:

It is Well – written by a gentleman anguished over the loss of his children at sea

Precious Lord – composed by a grieving husband enduring the death of his wife

These songs now embolden a new generation to be courageous and strong

They encourage a past generation to stand firm and hold on.

From them came forth the popular genres of jazz, gospel, soul, R&B, and hip-hop

So listen and learn while we continue this legacy of musical greatness fit only for a royal priesthood of believers!

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